The Ten Mile Gallery


Ten Mile Gallery (十里画廊). Well, that’s what the call it but to be honest, it’s a lot less than ten miles. Well maybe it really stretched for ten miles but it was only about 1 mile or so of properly constructed boardwalk and the rest is a tiny trail.


ten mile art gallery / 十里画廊

>> 1/125; f/8.0; ISO1250 <<

I didn’t really explore the tiny trail at the end of the nice boardwalk so I’ve no idea whether it really stretches in for 10 miles but the ten miles in the name is used more for a figurative sense I believe. The boardwalk’s still pretty long and the entire area’s so beautiful that one could liken it to a painting that stretches on “forever”. This place is in Zhangjiejie (张家界), China!


I’m back from my Hong Kong trip, so it’s back to “live” daily updates for now! I didn’t take many photos there to be honest, it was more a “business” trip then a photography/leisure trip.


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